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Contract Killings


Sunday, 24 February 2008

William Bowden, a Hell’s Angels member out of Winnipeg

William Bowden, a Hell’s Angels member out of Winnipeg, was arrested in Whistler on a warrant stemming from Bowden’s home town. The warrant was for various weapons and violence charges.
Bowden, who was in Whistler to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend, did not know that there was a team consisting of the Sea to Sky General Investigations Section and other partners, who were anticipating his arrival in Whistler. Bowden was identified and arrested by the team which also included General Duty members from Whistler and the event went without incident.
Bowden was taken to Whistler Detachment and later transported to North Vancouver Court where he appeared before a judge on February 15/08. Bowden will be sent back to Winnipeg where he will attend court on his outstanding charges.

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