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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Man traps reported by South Australia Police

DRUG busts of major cultivations which included "man traps" near Port Lincoln have disrupted the distribution of cannabis around South Australia, police say.
More than 430 mature cannabis plants, some up to 2m high and worth more than $500,000, have been seized over the past two days from several sites in national parks, scrubland and private farms near Port Lincoln.
On Monday, 132 plants were located in national parks and 300 mature plants were seized yesterday from a private farm, found hidden in a plantation of bamboo about 20m high. Several smaller cannabis crops were discovered on the property.
A witness said the main plantation also had about a dozen sharpened steel rods about 1m high stuck in the ground and pointing upwards and spread among the cannabis plants, apparently as potential trap for unwanted visitors.
The bamboo crop had been cleared in the centre to allow the cannabis to grow. It was topped with straw and hay in an attempt to camouflage the plants.
The crop of 1m high cannabis plants were discovered about 40m behind two farm houses on a property near Coulta, north of Coffin Bay, on Eyre Peninsula.
Neither house was occupied when police arrived.
The drug raids came as part of a successful strategy by Port Lincoln police to prevent the harvesting of cannabis crops grown in remote locations, officer-in-charge of West Coast local service area Chief Inspector Brad Flaherty said.
"This is a prime example of (a) disruption to the drug trade," he said. "While there have been some reports and arrests the objective was to disrupt the cultivation and eventual trade of cannabis within the state.
"In this case, the operation has been successful."

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