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Contract Killings


Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Ejaj Lakdawala gang

The Mumbai police have nabbed six armed men suspected to be contract killers planning to murder over a dozen businessmen in the city, including noted filmmaker Rajkumar Santoshi.
The gangsters, Roy Sequera (30), Sohail Irani (28), Amhjad Ali Shaikh (22), Anthony Lobo (32), Suraj Yadav (20) and Raju Mayaje (20), were about to loot a wine shop in Juhu area of north-west Mumbai on Friday night when the police caught them.
The police seized from them a pistol, three revolvers and seven bullets. They belonged to the Ejaj Lakdawala gang notorious for extortion rackets, police sources said. Lakdawala was once a member of the Dawood gang.

Unsolved contract killings

David Roads, an underworld armourer, was shot twice in the head in an alley in Kingston-upon-Thames, south-west London,
Alan Decabral, the key prosecution witness in the Kenneth Noye murder trial, was killed six months later with a single shot to the head as he parked outside a Halfords store at Ashford, Kent.
two Turkish men were murdered as they drove through east London. Hasan Mamali, 23, was shot in the back of the head and Sama Mustafa, 26, was hit in the back, chest and skull as he tried to run away.
Leonard Naylor, 46, a convicted drug dealer, was shot dead by a hit man wearing a balaclava on the drive of his home in the village of Istead Rise, near Gravesend,
The badly burnt bodies of George Price, 34, and his friend, Mark Thompson, 30, were found face down in a field in Ince Blundell, near Crosby, Merseyside. Both men had been stabbed and slashed with a knife and shot through the head.
Jonny Bristow, a 39-year- old builder from Chatham, Kent, was killed by a shot to the head . His body was dumped in the Medway near the north Kent coast.
Solly Nahome, 48, a Hatton Garden jeweller and a money launderer for the notorious Adams family, was shot dead outside his home in Finchley, north London by a gunman who fled on a motorcycle.

£20,000 a job

The professional contact killers used by big-league criminals charge about £20,000 a job. Their ranks are supplemented by part-time killers whose main source of income is from violent crimes such as robbery. These part-timers would get about £10,000 for a killing. At the bottom end of the scale are the murderers who work for drug gangs, often selling crack cocaine. They can be paid as little as £200 to shoot a rival.

Mad Georgie

"Mad Georgie," is said to be behind 23 murders. He is credited with thinking up the "motorbike hit" in which two men, whose crash helmets cover their faces, use a powerful off-road scrambler motorcycle. The killers will speed up to their target, and the pillion rider will jump off, shooting his victim with a handgun or sawn-off shotgun. The two men then flee on the motorcycle, taking a predetermined route.

20 professional hitmen are operating from the south-east of England

The Metropolitan Police has estimated that up to 20 professional hitmen are operating from the south-east of England, charging between £1,000 and £20,000 for each murder. Concern is growing at the growing number of contract killings and the use of hitmen to commit professional murders throughout the country, and at the sophisticated techniques being used by the killers.
growing number of contract killings in Britain, estimated to be up to 30 a year.
A register of convicted and suspected hitmen and the techniques used by contract killers is being compiled to help police catch professional murderers. The initiative follows concern at the growing number of contract killings in Britain, estimated to be up to 30 a year.
Police experts have drawn up four main categories of "hits" - disputes over the payments of debts or financial dealings; disputes over drugs; domestic arguments between former lovers; and fighting between rival organised crime groups.
Investigators are to be urged to concentrate attention on the person who wanted the contract killing carried out, the person who organised the hit, the killer, and who supplied the firearm if one was used.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Mexican Mafia implicated in Contract Killings

The Mexican Mafia operate on a paramilitary structure, complete with a president, vice president, and numerous generals, captains, lieutenants and sergeants. Below these high-ranking members are soldiers, also known as "carnales," as well as suppliers and associates, all of whose activities are overseen by the generals. Only one general operates in the federal prison system, while another one operates in the state prison system. The state general appoints a committee of lieutenants and captains who command prison units across the entire state.

"The criminals virtually riddled the car with bullets," the source said.

Unknown assailants sprayed a Mercedes car with automatic gunfire late on Sunday killing two men in southwestern Moscow, local police said on Monday.
The attackers pumped at least 40 bullets into the vehicle killing the driver and his passenger instantly. The victims aged 42 and 37, were from Vladikavkaz in Russia's North Caucasus Republic of North Ossetia and were involved in the wholesale alcohol trade.
According to preliminary reports, the murders are thought to be linked with their business activities.
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