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Contract Killings


Wednesday, 13 February 2008

New York City murders dating back to the 1970s

A look at seven New York City murders dating back to the 1970s outlined in a sweeping indictment filed by federal prosecutors against alleged members of the Gambino crime family:
Authorities contend five murders are linked to Charles Carneglia, a reputed mafia soldier since the 1970s.

_ March 11, 1976: New York state court officer Albert Gelb is gunned down days before he was to testify against Carneglia in a gun possession case. Previous attempts to prosecute Gambino associates for the killing, including Carneglia's brother, failed.

_ Nov. 6, 1977: Michael Cotillo, a Gambino associate, is stabbed at a diner following a fight with Carneglia.

_ July 29, 1983: Salvatore Puma, a Gambino associate, is stabbed on a streetcorner after arguing with Carneglia about money.

_ Oct. 4, 1990: Reputed Gambino member Louis DiBono is shot in a parking garage at the World Trade Center. Gambino boss John Gotti and several underlings are convicted of orchestrating the hit, which was related to DiBono's contract to install fireproofing at the Trade Center.

_ Dec. 14, 1990: Jose Delgado Rivera, a 57-year-old security guard, is shot in the back during an armored car heist at Kennedy International Airport. Two gunmen dressed as airline employees reportedly escape with $65,000. Police said Carneglia fired the fatal blast.

Authorities pin two killings on Nicholas "Little Nicky" Corozzo, a reputed Gambino captain.

_ Jan. 26, 1996: Mob assassins attack a car in Brooklyn, killing Robert Arena, said to be a low-level mafioso, and Thomas Maranga, who prosecutors said was a bystander. A suspect in the case, Michael Yannotti, was acquitted in 2005. Corozzo is charged with ordering the hit.

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