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Contract Killings


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Leonid Rozhetskin was the victim of a contract killing ,arrested person is the former employee of the Russian secret services

Arrest of former KGB officer reportedly made in missing millionaire case in Latvia
Latvian police have arrested a man they suspect may have been involved in the disappearance of Russian millionaire Leonid Rozhetskin, 41, while in Latvia. Latvian journalists have learned the paragraphs of the Criminal law on the basis of which the man has been arrested – “murder” and "partnership in murder". The Mail on Sunday writes that the arrested man is the same person who earlier claimed to have seen Rozhetskin leave his £1 million luxury villa in his red Porsche Cayenne 4x4 at 7.30am on the day of his disappearance. But then he admitted that he had seen only the car and not the tycoon leaving the gated property.
It also became known that in the hall of a local court an elderly person had been delivered, according to police, a citizen of Latvia. And the policemen have done the utmost to hide the suspected person; he was lead into the court building through the rear entrance. Riga-based daily Telegraf, reporting on the case, underlines that the unknown man has been suspected of murder while the corpse of the businessman is not found till now.
According to unofficial information of the Telegraf, the arrested person is the former employee of the Russian secret services, and probably he was the manager of house of the missing oligarkh. The British Daily Telegraph confirmed yesterday the detained suspect is thought to be a member of Rozhetskin's staff who allegedly has been less than forthcoming with information regarding the disappearance of the millionaire three weeks ago. - We do not think he is being forthcoming with everything he knows. We want to question him further, - the paper cites a police source. Detectives are working on three theories - that Rozhetskin was the victim of a contract killing linked to his business and political background, he was targeted by a far right group because of his private life, or that he may even have decided to stage his disappearance after threats. His family fear he has been murdered by Moscow agents for his business connections.
The arrest came as Rozhetskin's private plane was spotted throughout Europe, leading police to form a number of theories to explain the unusual missing person case. In another twist, Latvia's Interior Minister, Mareks Seglins, revealed that Rozhetskin possessed a fake passport – carrying a real picture of him but a false surname.

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