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Contract Killings


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Brian Ranard Davis was arrested Friday for the murder of Kandus Hightower-Sharp

Brian Ranard Davis may also have played a role in the death of 26-yer-old Candice Douglas. Her body was found under a bridge in June 2007.police believe killed 25-year-old Kandus Yvonne Hightower-Sharp.The victim's burned body was found in early August 2007.Houston investigators are trying to determine if Hightower-Sharp's killing is related to the deaths of 6 other women. Those bodies were found in Houston's Acres Homes neighborhood from January 2006 to September 2007.Police are awaiting results of forensic and DNA tests.The Acres Homes murders. As many as eight women have been killed in the area in the past few years. “We have expended more resources in this case than in any other that I have been involved in,” said HPD’s Lt. Ron Walker. “It’s because we want to. It’s because we have to. We need to.”
“We want to answer the questions for the people that live in the Acres Homes area,” he said. The killings have left residents of the predominantly black, close-knit community fearful.The Harris County Sheriff's Office is handling the Hightower-Sharp investigation because she's believed to have been killed outside the Houston city limits.

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