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Contract Killings


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Calamity hangs over the heads of public officials for dissipatedly endorsing the release of ‘contract killers’ under the guise of a Presidential pardon.

Ritual murderers ‘Michael Josiah and Mustapha Bojon’ April 27th relaxingly walked through the  gates of the Central Maximum Prison owing to Presidential mercy.

It is a fact that the released prisoners were convicted for murdering one George Squire of Ngalahun Village in the Bo District.

Michael, Mustapha and four others were convicted for the murder of the deceased and were sentenced accordingly (death and life imprisonment).

As for the four, it is disclosed that they died while serving their sentences at the Freetown Central Prison.

Michael and Mustapha have had their names in the death list, but escaped it after receiving Presidential pardon on April 27th.

It could be recalled that the Vice President, Attorney General, Director of Prison and others are part of the committee responsible for the selection of persons to be granted pardon.

In the past, Presidential pardon is given to persons serving sentences for lesser crimes (misdemeanor), but not those convicted for committing very serious crimes such as murder, treason, etc.

The granting of Presidential mercy to contract murderers (Michael and Mustapha) has sparked a wave of concern in the minds of Sierra Leoneans.

Information reaching this press indicates that the bulk of persons granted Presidential pardon bribed their way or used political authority.

The killing of George Squire by Michael and Mustapha, it is disclosed, afterwards bring to the reflection of residents of Ngalahun Village that some villagers still hold to the habits of murdering people for rituals.

The perpetrators, we are told, used charm to overcome the deceased before killing him. He was made speechless, butchered and parts removed from him for sacrament purposes.

Bo police investigated the matter and later proved that Michael, Mustapha and four others murdered George Squire and later dragged him to an alleged female society bush where unfortunately an old woman happened to spot them.

Our sources articulated that the insertion of the names of ritual and contract killers (Michael and Mustapha) in the list of prisoners released on Independence Day was due to some unscrupulous means.

An eyebrow has been raised on procedures used in the selection of names of prisoners for Presidential pardon.

Some school of education laid the blame on the President for endorsing the release of hard and core criminals without first looking into the nature of their involvement.

It is also told that the process to identify names of prisoners to be Presidential pardon is supposedly unorthodox, corrupt, politically manipulated and full of violation of the laws of this country.

Reflection must also be drawn to the woeful pardoning of one of AFRC junta killer man Foday Kallay of Westside fame.

Foday Kallay was in charge of Westside rebels. He was known for widespread killing of innocent and unarmed civilians.

The dawn of an attack by the British ‘operation Baras’ at locations occupied by Westside boys saw the capturing of Foday Kallay as war prisoners.

He was investigated by the police, charged to the court, convicted and later sentenced to sixty years imprisonment.

After a few years of imprisonment, so to say, three years, he was released and made to walk out of the Freetown Central Prison as free man.

It has again told to this press that contract killers have been due to Presidential pardon.

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