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Contract Killings


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

FBI is seeking the capture of Yaser Abdel Said for a double “honor killing.”

FBI is seeking the capture of Yaser Abdel Said for a double “honor killing.” Muslim groups are opposed to the use of the term, but the evidence appears to support the theory that the killings were due to the father’s “shame” that his daughters Sarah Said, 17, and Amina, 18, were dating non-Muslims. Both were killed on New Year’s Day in the back of a taxis in Lewisville, Texas believe that Yaser Abdel Said, 50, shot his daughters Sarah Yaser Said, 17, and Amina Yaser Said, 18, in his taxi as an honor killing. It is not clear whether this was the motive. Such a honor killing would follow an equally disturbing case involving a homicidal father and the Indian caste system.Friends have said that Yaser Said had moved to the area because of his disapproval of his oldest daughter’s boyfriend.
A local Austin imam condemned the murders on the tribute page. However, their brother insisted that the deaths have nothing to do with religion. The media is quoting experts who may be a bit to quick to declare such a motive.Brigitte Gabriel, author of “Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America,” said the shootings point to an “honor killing.” “This crime has honor killing written all over it,” Gabriel said. “The father was insulted and ashamed of how his daughters were behaving.” The daughters were bringing shame to Islam and the father took it upon himself to respond, Gabriel said. “The father probably was seeing that this is going to bring shame on the family and he needed to eliminate that shame,” Gabriel said. If it was an honor killing, it follows another father’s killing of his daughter, son-in-law, and baby. Prosecutors say Subhash Chander, an immigrant from India, used gasoline to burn alive his pregnant daughter, son-in-law and their child because he believed that his daughter married beneath her class.
The family deny that the caste system was behind the murders. However, the father’s account has been reportedly discredited that the fire was some type of accident.
“His son-in-law was beneath him, in his opinion,” prosecutor Robert Milan said of the 57-year-old Chander.He was jailed without bail on charges of murder, arson and intentional homicide of an unborn child in the deaths of 22-year-old Monika Rani, her 36-year-old husband, Rajesh Kumar, and their son, Vansh.The role of the caste system could prove a divisive trial issue. It is the type of motivation that is likely to infuriate an American jury and prejudice them against the defendant. However, there may be sufficient prior statements to allow the introduction of the motivational evidence. For that reason, a plea may be a more likely course for the defendant.

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