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Contract Killings


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Mark Benschop, who has alleged that he was informed that persons were contracted to kill him.

Acting Police Commissioner Henry Greene has expressed concerns over allegations of persons being contracted to kill others.
The top cop has since launched investigations into such allegations.
This follows a two-hour meeting with Mark Benschop, who has alleged that he was informed that persons were contracted to kill him.
According to an article that appeared on Benschop’s website,, the community activist, who was once charged for treason, has learnt of a plot to kill him but has chosen not to report the matter to the police, since he believes that the force cannot be trusted.
Benschop alleges that a man went to his Robb Street office and informed him that money has been paid to have him killed.
In a press release issued last evening, the police said that, cognizant of an article in the print media on Friday, which stated that community activist Mark Benschop had said that a man had gone to his office and informed him that money had been paid to kill him, and that he had chosen not to report the matter to the police, the acting Commissioner of Police, Mr. Henry Greene, has since met with Mark Benschop.
The police said that Benschop related his concerns for his own safety, based on the reports he had received that persons had been contracted to take his life.
The police say that efforts are also being made to locate trade unionist Lincoln Lewis, who has said publicly that he was fearful for his life, after attempts were made by persons to enter his home, and who appears to have gone into hiding.
Lewis has also expressed his reluctance to report the matter to the police.
In an invited comment late last night, Benschop told this newspaper that, despite his meeting with the top cop, he is still concerned about the negative public perception of the police and the Commissioner himself.
According to Benschop, he is unwilling to name the ‘drug lords’ who are allegedly involved in the plot to kill him.
However, he indicated that he has disclosed the names of these persons to other law enforcement agencies outside of Guyana.
“As such, I have expressed to the Commissioner of Police my disappointment about how the police force handles these matters. I also expressed to him that there are still some contract killings in Guyana,” Benschop told this newspaper.
He said that the threat to his life is something that he is taking very seriously.
“This is no publicity stunt. I have all the publicity I want to last for a lifetime. I don’t need this kind of publicity,” Benschop said.
He indicated that he believes that the Police Commissioner has acknowledged that the threat is real.
“He has to take a position on these phantom killers. Rein them in! I also spoke about rogue cops who are also a part of the phantom killers,” he added.
Benschop said that his meeting with the commissioner was as a result of a request by the top cop, and, as such, he used the opportunity to let Greene know about his concerns.
Last week veteran trades unionist Lincoln Lewis had expressed similar sentiments about trusting the Guyana Police Force, following allegations that his home was visited by unknown characters, forcing him to flee to safety

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