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Contract Killings


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Contract Killers Shakeel and Abu Zar killed businessman Arun Gupta outside his Kalkaji home.

Intensive raids are on in Delhi, Bulandshahr and Meerut to catch the hitmen - Shakeel and Abu Zar - who actually pulled the trigger on April 7, killing businessman Arun Gupta outside his Kalkaji home. Sleuths of Delhi Police's special cell are also looking for one Afroz, who served as a middleman.
Gupta's brother-in-law, Dinesh Mittal, who has been arrested for plotting his killing, has apparently told the police that he was "confident" of getting away with the murder, as even if the contract killers were arrested, they could never have recognised him. According to the police, Dinesh had even tried black magic to get rid of his brother-in-law and sister. He had got in touch with a 'tantrik' in January for the purpose.
"Dinesh grew more confident after the local cops failed to establish his connection with Haroon after calling the latter for questioning at Kalkaji police station. He thought he can get away with the murder," said an officer of the special cell.
Weeks before the murder, Mittal had reportedly met Haroon and Pervez twice near Okhla. He had parked his car at a distance and then gone to pay them Rs 2 lakh as advance for the killings, on two occasions. The country-made weapon seized from Pervez's home on Monday has been sent for forensic tests to ascertain if it was used in the crime. The cops, meanwhile, are planning to seek an extension of Dinesh's custody. "So far, he has maintained that it was a constant bickering over Mittal senior's property and FDs that had provoked him to hire killers to get rid of his sister and brother-in-law," said a senior officer. Another accused, Mohammad Junaid, who was arrested from Dilshad Garden on Monday, was sent to eight days in police custody on Tuesday. He has also refused to undergo a test identification parade (TIP). The police said that the killers chose to kill Gupta near his house as it was easily accessible and they had done a recee of the house earlier. They had taken a supari of Rs 10 lakh to kill both Gupta and his wife, but luckily Sadhna did not come out of the house that day. The police so far have not ruled out the roles of Dinesh's second wife Rekha Mittal and elder brother Sneh Mittal. "They too will be called for questioning soon," said an officer. They are meanwhile examining the unregistered will of Mittal Gardens owner, Madan Lal Mittal, for further leads into the property dispute which claimed his son-in-law's life.

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