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Contract Killings


Friday, 18 January 2008

Imran Ilyasov

The Moscow City Court will pronounce on Monday a verdict for Imran Ilyasov, one of the ringleaders of the so-called “Kingisepp group,” as well as for its six members, whom the jury found guilty of murders.
Another two defendants –Eduard Zaitsev and Alexander Sukharev – will be acquitted, in accordance with the verdict of the jury.
During the discussion, the prosecutor demanded 20 years of imprisonment in a maximum-security labour camp for Ilyasov. In his opinion, another six members of the “Kingisepp group” – Igor Povarennykh, Albert Frolin, Alexei Zazdravnikov, Oleg Bartenev, Valentin Lapichev and Andrei Abramov – deserve prison terms from eight to 10.5 years.
The jury declared the defendants guilty of the murder of Ruslan Kadiyev from Dagestan in 1992, of Alexander Lisinchuk, chairman of the board of the Kominvest Concern and chairman of the board of directors of Belbusinessbank, from Belarus, in 1993, and of Nidar Akhmedov, director of the Avalon Trade Company, in 1996. According to the information obtained during the investigation, the gang staged about a dozen of contract murders.
This is the second hearing of the case. The previous one was interrupted on the last stage because of the dissolution of the jury.
The circumstances of the crimes were established with the help of the evidence given by Sergei Finagin, another ringleader of the “Kingisepp group,” who was arrested in December 2007. His case is being investigated separately. According to the information of Finagin, the gang was created in 1992 in Moscow on the basis of the Pereval guard firm, which was headed by Imran Ilyasov, a resident of Kingisepp.
Previously the Moscow City Court sentenced another seven members of the gang to long prison terms.

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